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Welcome to the South East Talent Network

This website helps direct both new and experienced shooters, clubs and coaches to resources that will assist them in their development.

Anyone interested in the development and growth of target shooting in South East England is encouraged to register their support and to contribute their resources to the network.

The Talent Network is supported by shooting organisations from across the South East.

About the Talent Network
The South East Talent Network (SETN) is an informal forum, consisting of supporters - whether individuals or organisations - involved in air and .22 rifle and pistol shooting who have signed up to the supporter principles supporting and encouraging the development of International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) disciplines in rifle and pistol shooting in the South East; through better communication and activities and initiatives that foster the development of facilities, shooters and coaches.

The SETN principles of organisation can be found here.

SETN does not directly provide shooting or coaching facilities nor seek to replace the work already undertaken by individuals and organisations. It is the responsibility of any person or organisation using the services or facilities of any SETN supporter, or other service or facility signposted by or connection made through the SETN, to satisfy themselves about the suitability of the service or facility (whether paid for or otherwise). Neither British Shooting nor any organiser or supporter of the SETN endorses, recommends or otherwise accepts liability for any loss or injury suffered as a result of the use of any such service or facility.

This is a temporary site, set up in Spring 2017. A new site is under development and will be released soon!

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